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  • Protecting Your Pond With The Use Of Pond Sealer

    pond sealerA pond may be one of those ornaments that you can place in your own home. There are a lot of benefits that you can obtain out of having your own pond. Aside from being a plain ornament, your pond can serve as a means of facilitating your process of relaxation by producing Zen-like sounds that can improve your process of relaxation. And would it not make you feel better when you see a picture of serenity at the comfort of your own home? That definitely can do wonders. Even certain studies about the extensive benefits of water seem to agree with these premises.

    However, despite the fact that your pond can bring you a lot of benefits, your pond may also bring you some hassle if you do not take care of it properly. For instance, you will have to regularly clean your pond. Unlike the simple aquarium, your pond may need more of the care that it deserves for it to work efficiently. You have to regularly change the water inside the pond so that the fishes and other types of sea animals and plants in your pond may maintain their current condition and may not die. You also have to take care of the current appearance of the pond and check out for damages that may surround the pond.

    best pond sealerIn order to address this problem, you have to resort to using pond sealer. A good pond sealer that you can use for your pond is the Sodium Bentonite. This pond sealer is made of clay that is naturally occurring. The clay structure of this pond sealer has the ability to expand when immersed in water. The property of this pond sealer can help in covering up the holes and cracks that is present in your pond.

    Your pond is also susceptible to having water leakages that may be due to cracks or holes that are surrounding the pond. These water leakages may also be caused by the seepage of the pond water into the material that you used to construct the pond itself. One of the most common materials that are likely to have water seepage is concrete. In time, when the water continues to seep through to the pond surface, this may cause further destruction of your pond. This, in turn, can eventually lead to water loss. As the amount of destruction of your pond surface increases, so is the amount of water loss that you are experiencing in your pond. This may mean that you have to spend more in repairing your pond and in the more frequent water replacement that you have to do.

    Sodium Bentonite as pond sealerYou may use Sodium Bentonite pond sealer as the main lining of your pond. You may acquire the full advantages of this pond sealer by having it serve as the main lining of your pond if you are just starting to create your own pond. However, this does not mean that this pond sealer is of less use if you already have laid out your pond. You may also use this pond sealer to repair the cracks and the holes that your pond has.

    Using this pond sealer is simple. If you are using this to repair small parts of your pond, you may use your basic tools to spread the Sodium Bentonite. If your pond is relatively large, you may resort to using farm tools in applying this. Basically, they have the same way of applying it in your pond.


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  • Butyl Pond Liners: Protecting ponds and other aquatic projects

    Butyl Pond LinersPlastic ponds are a great way of adding a centerpiece to one’s garden, as it immediately attracts the attention of any visitor of the home with its quiet and flowing waters, the lush green plants which flank it, and the fishes which swim happily from its surface. However, the installation of plastic ponds is a laborious task that requires a lot of effort and planning. The materials which will be used for the installation of the pond would have to be resistant to the prevailing weather conditions which are more than capable of battering that beautiful water feature into submission.

    Saving a little amount of money by opting for slightly cheaper materials in the installation of plastic ponds might be something positive for some, but if something goes wrong because of these materials, then the homeowner would have to shell out money once more, thus negating the savings which he or she had made by purchasing unreliable materials.

    rubber Butyl Pond LinersA material which has constantly proven to be reliable to both professionals and amateur gardeners alike in ensuring the longevity of a plastic pond would be butyl pond liners, which is a rubber pond liner that keeps plastic ponds or any aquatic project in good shape for many years.

    Some of the features of Butyl pond liners include resistance to ultraviolet (UV) rays as well as tremendous amounts of heat and pressure. This is because Butyl pond liners are composed of carbon black fillers, antioxidants, process chemicals, as well as vulcanizing agents. Butyl pond liners have been used for many years, and another one of its features which have not changed is their stiff resistance to brittleness, cracking, or shrinkage.

    And, best of all, Butyl pond liners do not harm the environment as well as the homeowner because it is non-toxic. Even children can play in the plastic ponds without ever thinking of contracting poisonous substances from the waters. Butyl pond liners have indeed been around for many years and have been used for thousands of plastic ponds as well as other aquatic projects. Nevertheless, they have remained faithful in their duty of protecting all sorts of aquatic projects and are continuing to serve homeowners and professionals alike.


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  • Plastic Ponds: Keeping in touch with Mother Nature

    artificial Plastic PondsIn the olden days, a pond was something that was natural and cannot be fashioned by human hands. However, with the numerous technological advancements which are now at our disposal, homeowners now have the option of making an artificial pond at the comfort of their own lawns.

    What was initially a mundane garden will now have an added water feature thanks to plastic ponds which do not need a large amount of space for them to be set up. Plastic ponds can also serve as means to beautify one’s garden as well as a place where one can keep pets, the most common of which are the orange and white-finned gold fish.

    There are many materials which can be sued for the installation of plastics ponds, with some of them being cheap but not very resistant to damage, while others can be expensive but will be able to stand the test of time. The most common material which is used for the installation of plastic ponds is the flexible plastic. While it may be cheap when bought, flexible plastic is the most brittle of all types of plastic ponds, and, if one wishes for his or her plastic pond to last long, then it may be wise to opt for a more expensive material to be used as a plastic pond.

    rigid Plastic PondsRigid plastic, the second type of plastic pond, is a little more resistant to harsh weather conditions, although its durability pales in comparison to that of the third type of plastic pond, glass-reinforced plastic.

    Perhaps the biggest challenge in the installation of plastic ponds, especially when the homeowner does not opt for any professional help, is that it should be level, or else the stillness of the water shall be disturbed and the pond may not be able to hold a lot of water. Maintenance is another dilemma for owners of plastic ponds, as money would have to be shelled to continually clean the waters of the plastic pond and prevent the proliferation of algae.

    Other than these factors, maintaining a plastic pond in one’s home will be an investment not only in the beautification of one’s home, but also in being close and keeping in touch with Mother Nature, even if the pond has been fashioned by human hands.


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  • Importance of the Pond Liner Calculator

    Pond Liner calculatorPond liners are very expensive. In fact, they are the most expensive items necessary when constructing a pond. So, if you do not want your hard-earned money to go to waste, see to it that your calculations are correct before you request for the liner to be cut. Make sure that you get the correct thickness of the pond liner. Keep in mind that thin pond liners can easily be punctured by sharp stones, so you should not have a thin pond liner.

    If you want to make sure that you get the correct measurements, you should use a pond liner calculator. A pond liner calculator will make calculating faster and easier. best pond liner calculatorThere is no more need to do manual computations. You just have to enter the measurements of your pond into the pond liner calculator and you will be able to figure out the size and volume of the pond liner that you need. Make sure that you enter the maximum dimensions as well as the amount of overlap required for each side of the liner. Once you have marked off the shape of the pond, you should measure the widest width, the deepest depth, and the longest length. This is necessary for you to know the size of the needed pond liner.

    Nonetheless, aside from being able to determine how much pond liner you need to use, you will also be able to determine how much you will need to spend on your pond pump every month by using a pond liner calculator. It is very handy and reliable. A pond liner calculator is ideal for every homeowner who wants to save time, energy, and money. If you want to know how much pond liner you need to buy before you dig your outdoor pond, you should definitely purchase a pond liner calculator.


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  • How to Apply a Concrete Pond Sealer

    concrete pond sealerAn outdoor pond can certainly add to the beauty and value of your home. It will be a certified attraction during parties and outdoor gatherings. However, it can also be vulnerable to leaks and cracks. So, you should make sure that it is properly sealed and installed. If you do not maintain your pond well, you may need to have it repaired. Nonetheless, if you want to save time and money, you can just apply the concrete pond sealer yourself. A concrete pond sealer can be bought in pool supply and hardware stores.

    Before you apply the concrete pond sealer, make sure that you have already drained the water. Allow your pond to dry for half a day or so. Then, remove all the dirt particles and debris stuck on its sides and bottom. You can use a dry or wet vacuum cleaner. Mix a quart of white vinegar How to Apply a Concrete Pond Sealerfor every ten gallons of water and dip a mop into this solution. Use this mop to clean the sides and bottom of your pond. Rinse the pond with water and allow it to dry completely before you apply the concrete pond sealer.

    Next, you have to apply a thin coat of the concrete pond sealer using a paint brush. Apply it evenly with back and forth strokes. Wear protective gear such as rubber gloves and mask, so you will not inhale the fumes and your skin will not come in contact with the concrete pond sealer. The ingredients of this product can be harmful to your health. Let the first layer of pond sealer dry before applying second coating. You may apply two to three coats. Finally, let your last coating dry completely before you put back water, plants, and fish into it. This may take for a few hours or even overnight.



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